The artist Esther Stella Scherer was inspired by her numerous journeys and stays abroad in distant countries and translates her memories of different cultural aspects into a modern, aesthetic design language.

Her unique designer carpets are something very special because they are shaped by her adventures and experiences. Each carpet is unmistakable one-of-a-kind, a masterpiece of Tibetan knotting, made from sustainable materials and fair trade with respect for people and a love of craftsmanship.

It is the personal episodes that Stella connects with special people from various countries and their cultural symbolic language, together with the stories of her customers that give things a special appeal.

“I always try to captivate my client from the start so that they are enthusiastic about the overall creative process. I draw the carpets individually for the customer and place both their story and the existing objects in the environment in the context of the entire facility, so that both the design and the symbolic language of the carpet as a whole are consistent."

For me, a carpet should not only fit into the interior, but also represent a design statement. An element that gives a room its own unmistakable character and is reflected in a partial aspect of the customer's personality.

RUG ART by STELLA is not just another beautiful carpet... It is an ICON, a special object that can establish itself in the Olympus of art and also deserves its box seat in the center of the facility.

STELLA ESVARA - sustainable and fair

“Luxury is an experience and an expression of one's own values. We are all the more obliged to act in accordance with ecologically and ethically justifiable measures. When I was looking for production companies that could still make carpets by hand, I found a small family business in Nepal. It is the Tibetans living in exile who still master the rare and very precious production of the Tibetan knot. I find these people very special. Full of warmth, mindful and passionate about your craft, they are always cheerful and grateful that we love their work and product.

I have an inner need to thank these people and give them something in return. With my proceeds I support an educational center for Tibetan children in Kathmandu and make sure that this exquisit craftmanship will stay alive.


STELLA ESVARA has been a partner of GoodWeave since the beginning of the first carpet production. GoodWeave is a global, non-profit initiative dedicated to eliminating child labor in the carpet industry.

The GoodWeave seal of approval is awarded by GoodWeave International (GWI), an international initiative against child labor in carpet production. In addition to fighting child labor and reintegrating children from the carpet industry back into a regular life, the GoodWeave standard also takes social and ecological criteria into account.

In order to maintain their GoodWeave certification, STELLA ESVARA is committed to maintaining high standards and allowing inspectors access to their manufacturing facilities at all times and without prior notice. Every GoodWeave-certified carpet bears a seal with a serial number - this guarantees the long-term transparency desired by manufacturers and end users alike.

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 „Passion for luxury with soul“ bedeutet für mich etwas ganz Besonderes: Hochwertiges, von Hand, mit Leidenschaft zum Kunsthandwerk erschaffen und sich selbst damit eine Freude zu gönnen - dabei aber stets andere zu unterstützen, damit der Kreislauf des Lebens für alle erhalten bleibt... STELLA ESVARA
Alle Produkte von STELLA ESVARA entstehen in liebevoller Handarbeit:
Durch die Kombination von traditioneller Handwerkskunst und einer fairen Produktion entstehen einzigartige Kreationen in formvollendeter Liebe zum Detail.
“Durch die limitierten Stückzahlen ist der Herstellungsaufwand zwar wesentlich anspruchsvoller, aber so geht jedes Produkt durch meine Hand und ich erfülle mir dadurch den Wunsch, mit jeder Trägerin persönlich in Verbindung zu gehen. Bisher habe ich das Glück jede einzelne Kundin persönlich kennen zu lernen und ihr über die Entstehungsgeschichte des Designs etwas erzählen zu können.“
WE CARE: Mit jedem Kauf eines unserer Produkte von unterstützen Sie eine Kindertagesstätte der Handweber Himalayas in Nepal.