Stella Scherer

Esther Stella Scherer, founder and creative focal point of STELLA ESVARA, was born in Manila, Philippines and has lived in various countries in Europe, Asia and the USA. She discovered her passion for seeing a deeper meaning in graceful things and her love for creative design early on.

Numerous stays abroad and trips to distant countries as well as the fascination for different cultures have been important sources of her inspiration since her childhood days.

Combining symbols from different cultures and distant countries is her trademark. Each of your works of art has its own story. Even the smallest detail has a symbolic power with elements from diverse origins and gracefully merges with the demands of contemporary modern aesthetics.

“The magical places and sacred sites left a special impression, where I discovered a common symbolic language that can be found in architecture, art and jewelry across continents. A symbol, unlike an ornament, is a visual sign as a metaphor for some profound, extraordinary truth. When we understand certain symbols in their instructive meaning, we become aware of the dual nature of our reality. In search of the origin and essence of the symbols, I experienced a fascinating journey across all eras and cultural areas.
The decision to materialize my passion for aesthetics and the precious magic of bygone times and to add a sensual attribute to the meaning of 'adornment' had matured."

In the STELLA ESVARA collection, the soul of the past of those cultures finds a development opportunity to unfold with new expression and modern ease. Each hand-picked treasure in the collections is manufactured with the highest precision and the finest craftsmanship in a sustainable manner and under the fair trade guidelines of GOOW WEAVE.