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According to legend, Julius Caesar already appreciated the uniqueness of noble cashmere wool in ancient Rome. The soft undercoat of the cashmere goat, also known as a duvet, consists of thousands of the finest and very soft fibres.
Dealers and merchants recognized the high value of the material even then, which, despite its minimal weight, stores a lot of heat and is heavenly soft.
In the highlands of the Himalayas - especially in Nepal - the extraction and processing of cashmere is still characterized by traditional manual work. In the spring, the raw wool is obtained by gently combing out the undercoat, which is harmless to the goats. The undercoat of 3 cashmere goats is required to weave a single cloth.

The limited creations by STELLA ESVARA are lovingly handcrafted. The motifs are drawn by hand and a separate frame is created for each colour. Then, in numerous work processes, the different colors are individually applied by hand, color by color, using traditional screen printing, washed and then the next color is applied.
The production of a single cashmere scarf requires more than 20 work steps and takes about 21 working days.

The combination of traditional craftsmanship in harmony with fair production creates unique cashmere creations with perfect attention to detail.

"Each cashmere cloth, lovingly consecrated, should give the wearer soothing warmth and positive energy and pass on a touch of the soul of my precious items, which are made with love and passion."


The Tibetan highlands in the Himalayas have a long carpet tradition. The people living there have been hand-knotting carpets for centuries, which they used to sleep or sit on. The Tibetan carpets are characterized by a special knotting technique. Unlike all other rugs, this one is traditionally knotted with 3 threads at the same time and allows for mixtures of colors and materials already in the knot; they also have a particularly high knot density (150-130 knots per 10 cm) and have always been characterized by extraordinary quality and craftsmanship.

In order to keep the colors as intense as possible, but also in the consideration of producing the products in terms of sustainability, the high-quality yarns (silk and Tibetan wool) are dyed with organic dyes. The coloring of each unique item is selected individually together with the customer from a palette of more than a thousand color nuances.

STELLA ESVARA - sustainable and fair -

STELLA ESVARA has been a partner of GoodWeave since the beginning of the first carpet production. GoodWeave is a global, non-profit initiative dedicated to eliminating child labor in the carpet industry.

The GoodWeave seal of approval is awarded by GoodWeave International (GWI), an international initiative against child labor in carpet production. In addition to fighting child labor and reintegrating children from the carpet industry back into a regular life, the GoodWeave standard also takes social and ecological criteria into account.

In order to maintain their GoodWeave certification, STELLA ESVARA is committed to maintaining high standards and allowing GoodWeave inspectors access to their manufacturing facilities at all times and without prior notice. Every GoodWeave-certified carpet bears a seal with a serial number - this guarantees the long-term transparency desired by manufacturers and end users alike.

BEHIND THE SCENES OF STELLA ESVARA - sustainable luxury created with passion and produced with care -