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Cashmere XL scarf “FLAMINGO GARDENS” Limited Edition / pink & green

Cashmere XL scarf “FLAMINGO GARDENS” Limited Edition / pink & green

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This extra large scarf made of feather-light 100% pure baby cashmere measures 140x200cm.

The limited creations by STELLA ESVARA are lovingly handcrafted. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and fair production results in unique cashmere creations with perfect attention to detail.

It requires more than 20 work processes from the carefully hand-combed extraction of the high-quality cashmere goat yarn to the hand-woven (here diamond weave) cashmere scarf processing.

In further steps, the motif is applied and colored using traditional screen printing. Each color print is made from a different frame and each color in this cloth is another individual manufacturing step. This cloth is made of 10 color frames and LIMITED to 5 PIECES WORLDWIDE in this color combination.

Each motif, here from the "FLAMINGO GARDEN" collection, is drawn by the artist with ink (not graphically created on the computer). In the designs, the artist refers to her memories of many journeys and distant countries in which she lived, as well as their different symbolic language, and thus combines various cultural aspects into a modern, aesthetic overall picture in which the memories come to life again.

The scarf comes with a sustainable, yet elegant packaging made of paper and the ESVARA logo made of felt.


With every purchase of a limited product from STELLA ESVARA, you support a day care center run by hand weavers in the Himalayas in Nepal.

Our cashmere yarn from Nepal is combed by hand (not sheared) and thus gently obtained from the undercoat of the cashmere goat living in the Himalayas.

OUR CREDO: “Passion for luxury with soul”

"For me, this means something very special, high-quality, handmade with a passion for craftsmanship, to treat yourself with joy, but always to support others so that the cycle of life is preserved for everyone...

Each cashmere cloth, lovingly consecrated, should give the wearer soothing warmth and positive energy and pass on a touch of the soul of my precious items made with love and passion to her.


100 % allerfeinste Changra-Kaschmir-Qualität, Handgewebt - mit feiner Struktur, mit Allover-Print bedruckt, Hand-Siebdruck, Kanten von Hand gerollt, fair trade, mehr...


Motiv per Hand von Stella Esvara mit Tusche gezeichnet, mit Bio Farben bedruckt, Siebdruck, mehr...


Handwäsche, kalt, mildes Woll-Waschmittel, chemische Reinigung möglich, nicht auswringen, kein Wäschetrockner oder Bleichmittel verwenden, liegend trocknen. Mehr...


Mit dem Kauf jeder Stella Esvara Kostbarkeit unterstützen Sie eine
Kindertagesstätte von sich im Exil in Nepal befindenden tibetischen Familien. Ihre Kinder können hier unterrichtet werden, während die Eltern in der Kaschmirweberei unter fairen Arbeitsbedingungen
(Goodweave) ihren Lohn verdienen. 


Ganz besonders sind bei den STELLA ESVARA Kollektionen die perfekte Kombinierbarkeit aller Materialien und Farben unter den verschiedenen Kollektionen. Es gibt zu jedem Kleidungsstück den passenden Kaschmir-Schal sowie Masskonfektionierte hochwertige Stretchvelours Echtleder Hosen.

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