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"WILD LIFE" Cashmere Scarf LIMITED 5 PIECES Gray Blue Bordeaux

"WILD LIFE" Cashmere Scarf LIMITED 5 PIECES Gray Blue Bordeaux

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XL cloth is made from hand-woven, 100% finest pure cashmere (aaa quality, diamond weave).

The lion and puma motif, which is printed using an elaborate screen printing process, consists of 10 individual color frames and was applied to the precious material by hand in 18 working days with a love of craftsmanship.

The motif from the RUG ART series "Wild Life" by the artist STELLA ESVARA is drawn with great attention to detail (not graphically created on the computer). It contains the ESVARA logo next to the female puma head and the male lion in the middle. The meaning of the logo is taken from the symbolic language of the Ashante. They are two joined crocodiles with their 2 heads, arms and legs, but they are in the same body and pursue the same goal. The "United in Diversity" symbol here means the union of two souls that belong together despite their differences.

The artist is known for her symbolic language but also for her courageous color combinations, which always give a special picture in harmony with each other. In this cloth, the color combinations of blue, gray, beige and bordeaux shades are combined.

This scarf is LIMITED to 5 PIECES worldwide in this color combination.

The dimensions are 150x150 cm, the ends are hand rolled. The towel comes with an elegant, yet sustainable packaging made of paper and the ESVARA logo made of felt.

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