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Plaid / 100% cashmere blanket motif MY TURTLES - beige taupe

Plaid / 100% cashmere blanket motif MY TURTLES - beige taupe

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This unique cashmere blanket is a one-off made from hand-woven, 100% Nepalese cashmere wool. (The fine undercoat of the cashmere goat was combed in the spring. Not shaved to comply with fair trade guidelines.)

In several work processes, the paid was printed using a complex screen printing process. The motif of the small turtles was drawn by hand by the artist STELLA ESVARA from different cultures. Behind each motif there is a story in which the artist incorporates her memories and the meaning of various power symbols from united cultures.

The border is made of 100% hand-woven natural twill silk. And was once dyed individually for this plaid with sustainable organic colors.

Every plaid and every ESVARA cloth is unique. Created by hand with love, processed for you with traditional handicrafts in a fair trade method (good weave). And always sustainably created with natural, 100% genuine materials.

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