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"LAST SAMURAI" carpet art unique 200cm round - beige taupe gray - hand-knotted Nepal

"LAST SAMURAI" carpet art unique 200cm round - beige taupe gray - hand-knotted Nepal

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This unique designer rug comes from the rug art collection "SAMURAI" by the artist STELLA ESVARA.

Stella always draws her works by hand, which have nothing to do with a conventional carpet. She lets symbols speak through her lines and thus conveys a piece of the soul of the stories to her viewers:

" A symbol, unlike an ornament, is a visual sign as a metaphor for some profound, extraordinary truth. When we grasp certain symbols in their instructive meaning, we become aware of the dual nature of our reality. In search of the origin and the essence of the symbols, I experienced a fascinating journey across all epochs and cultural areas."

Uesugi Kenshin, he was a daimyō - prince and general - of the Japanese Sengoku period and one of the most dazzling heroic figures of this epoch.

A true samurai should be free from all fear and have no reason to desperately cling to life. It doesn't matter to him whether today or tomorrow is his last day. His willingness to kill should be as strong as his willingness to die himself. To serve one's master faithfully, to defend him and, if necessary, to sacrifice one's own life, was considered the highest ideal.

Uesugi Kenshin admonished his followers:

"Those who cling to life will die, and those who despise death will live. It's what's on the inside that counts. Look inside, hold on to it, and you will find that something lives within you that is beyond birth and Death exists and can neither be drowned in water nor burned up in fire. I myself have gained the knowledge of this samadhi* and I know what I am saying to you. He who does not lay down his life and choose death is not a true warrior."

Note: * Samadhi [from Sanskrit]: lit. "to be firmly joined together"; a superconscious experience that goes beyond rational thinking; a deep inner realization.

Bushido , the knightly code of honor and ethics of the samurai profession, called for self-sacrifice, absolute loyalty, bravery, supreme mastery of weapons, and constant readiness to fight. For all the cruelty with which the Japanese warriors fought their battles, justice and the protection of the weak and defenseless were among their virtues.

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