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Art Carpet - WILD TIGER - 200x100 cm - Carpet Runner - Handknotted in Nepal - Beige Taupe - Handknotted

Art Carpet - WILD TIGER - 200x100 cm - Carpet Runner - Handknotted in Nepal - Beige Taupe - Handknotted

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This unique designer carpet runner comes from the rug art collection "WILD TIGER" by the artist STELLA ESVARA.

She always draws her works by hand, which have nothing to do with a conventional carpet.

"This beautiful runner shows a running tiger, just like I was able to admire in a large game reserve in Hyderabath, India. I love the interplay of details from different styles and cultures".

As a power animal, the tiger symbolizes primal instincts, unpredictability, and the ability to trust oneself. ... The tiger brings with it various symbols and meanings. Tiger symbolism is most commonly associated with strength and courage, as well as determination and independence."

The carpet collection RUG ART BY STELLA is characterized by a multitude of different design elements in which traditional applications are interpreted in a modern way. Each carpet is unique and is drawn by hand by Stella according to the individual needs and motif requests of the individual customers and then manufactured in Nepal using Tibetan knots.

The Tibetan highlands in the Himalayas have a long carpet tradition. The people living there have been hand-knotting carpets for centuries, which they used to sleep or sit on. The Tibetan carpets are characterized by a special knotting technique. Unlike all other rugs, this one is traditionally knotted with 3 threads at the same time and allows for mixtures of colors and materials already in the knot; they also have a particularly high knot density (150 knots per 10 cm) and have always impressed with their extraordinary quality and craftsmanship.

In order to keep the colors as intense as possible, but also in the consideration of producing the products in terms of sustainability, the high-quality yarns (silk and wool) are dyed with organic colors. The coloring of each unique item is selected individually together with the customer from a palette of more than a thousand color nuances.

Depending on the incidence of light, the natural silk shimmers on the carpet and lets it shine elegantly in different color nuances. This exclusive unique piece consists of 80 hand-knotted knots of 10 cm and takes about 170 working days.

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